What is Kimi thinking?

by Volker Weber


McLaren-Mercedes blew up another two engines and did not finish the Nürburgring Race. What is Kimi thinking? I bet: "This sucks".


"Shit, I'd really need a toilet. There's none around. Could at least this f...ing technician leave me alone so that I could use that tube? I wonder wether it makes a difference for the motors if that goes into the gas tank"

Oliver Regelmann, 2004-05-30

He is oiling the engine in hope that the next race the motor will not break.

Thorsten Ebers, 2004-05-30

Wait a minute... was this picture taken *before* or *after* the race? ;-)

Colin Pretorius, 2004-05-31

It doesn`t suck ! It blows !!

hanswernwer, 2004-06-01

another one.
He is cooling down his engine preventing an explode

Thorsten Ebers, 2004-06-01

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