Linksys WRT54G with SNMP and VPN

by Volker Weber

It was about time that I upgraded my Linksys router to a more capable firmware. I was missing two things badly:

1. An SNMP management interface
2. A VPN server

So I chose to install Wifibox Firmware 2.02.pre1. That has been very smooth sailing. Now I am finally able to monitor traffic on the Linksys router, a feature I have been missing badly when I moved away from the Zyxel Prestige 310 router. Once you have an SNMP interface you can graph data with MRTG like this:


Of course you can monitor many other things like processes, memory, temperature or whatever your SNMP daemon provides.

VPN is another story. I was always looking for a patch that would allow the router to forward incoming traffic on TCP 1723 / GRE 47 to my internal server and terminate the VPN there. That has always failed with my port forwarding. Now I simply terminate the VPN at the router which makes a lot more sense.

This has worked much better than I thought it would.


Downloaded Sveasoft's public firmware. This site is offers much in way of support and tips. The firmware updates for this router will probably be more and more interesting since the Router OS for the WRT54G is Linux.

There is a very interesting article on weather-hardening a WRT54G.

Joel Patrick, 2004-06-07

Thanks but wash 20$ for free GPL firmware is too bad

Marc Oliver, 2005-01-20

Vowe, nice site - good, clear info.

thanks for putting me on to wifi-box. I am going to try it out today. I have been using SVEASoft's Alchemy for some time now - very successfully - to bridge two linksys WRT54G devices together to extend the range of my home wifi hot spot all over the house and to the pool. :-) ... but i now have a need for VPN server so will give WifiBox a try.

thanks mate. By the way - your country did a nice job with hosting the World Cup.


Glyn Tomkins, 2006-07-23

Can i use this firmware in another router model ex. dlink, netgeat etc

Derby Bonilla, 2007-02-01

hmmm... a bit hard to trust a link to a new firmware for a linksys router. Who made it? Probably not linksys.. Isn't there some more information about it ?

allard poldermans, 2007-03-15

I can recommend you only to check this vpn ,i think it's related to the topic

Hose Santos Raul, 2009-03-03

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