Good judgement comes from experience

by Volker Weber


Unfortunately experience comes from bad judgement.


That's classic, Volker! LOL!

Duffbert, 2004-06-16

Bah, ist das fies...

Konstantin Pfliegl, 2004-06-16

I love that Volker!

Steve Castledine, 2004-06-16

Hysterical Volker!!! ROFL

Chris LeRoy, 2004-06-16

Are there higher resolution versions available? Looks fakey.

Haiko, 2004-06-16

Hm, to me that sounds like "experience" is implicitly understood as "bad experience"... Can't you learn or gain experience from having done something right?
The analysis of "best practices" seems to be an example for that to me...

Just my two cents,

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-06-16

I've been a parent for too long - I instantly felt horrible when I saw that. Hopefully the guy that was taking that pic (I don't know if it was you or not), went over to help.

Chris Toohey, 2004-06-16

Chris, exactly my sentiments. This actually does happen. And as you can see, people help.

Volker Weber, 2004-06-16

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