Download free mp3 tracks from Mercedes-Benz

by Volker Weber


Mercedes-Benz has released Mixed Tape 01 with 15 free tracks from Grandma, LeutOhm, Steve Nick, Trommelfell, Monk, Danny Breaks, Deadjazz, Julian Petrin, Skizzo Franick, Nil Dymont, DJ Bootsie, Camp, Digitalis, He Can Jog & Terry Ubrien. You can listen to them online or download them for free. Tape 02 shall be released in six weeks.

The tracks are ripped with excellent quality, are neatly tagged and already have the album art embedded for iTunes. Go get them.


that's awesome! thank's for that tip!!

Andreas Jakopec, 2004-06-21

If you block popup windows in your browser, you will need to turn that feature off in order to enjoy the music.

ken porter, 2004-06-22

I was unable to get the page to work correctly in Safari. I will try FireFox.

Bruce, 2004-06-22

Great tip, Volker! Thanks!

Christian Bogen, 2004-06-22

Have tryied with both, Safari and FireFox. All I got was a pop-up window asking for my email address but can't get any further.

Any suggestion?

Pieterjan, 2004-06-22

This should work:

1. URL:

2. Click on the link "Start Special"

3. Wait for the new popup-window (flash) to finish loading

4. Click on the link "Play"

5. Click on the link "Download all tracks" (at the bottom of the songs list)

6. Click on the link "DOWNLOAD"

7. If 5. does not work on your first attemp (happens to me), click on the link "HOME" (on the top bar navigation) and try again.

8. Have fun. :-)

Manfred Dillmann, 2004-06-22

Thanks a lot Manfred,

this way it worked beautifully. No problem at all even on track 5.

Pieter Lansbergen, 2004-06-23

I attempted to download the songs, but I get prompted for a username and password. I cannot find a registration link and it doesn't sound like anyone else had this problem.

Any help??

Steve Daly, 2004-06-23

Usually I use Winzip but on this machine I just have the standard MS installed tool for archives. When I tried to extract I got the prompt but when I double clicked to go in it opened and I was able to drag/drop the files with out being prompted. Crazy MS products...

Scott Kingery, 2004-06-23

I just heard the 2nd one of Mixed Tape. And its great!
I know I'm to late, but I'd like to get the Mixed Tape 01, too.
Would it be possbile to get it anywhere else?
Unfortunatly Mercedes doesn't host it anymore at their website.

Thanks a lot

Bernhard Bentenrieder, 2004-08-24

I'm also way to late for the MT 01, luckily got the 2'nd from the MB site. Does anyone know from where to get the first Mixed Tape? Please?!

Ralf Schlesinger, 2004-09-26

Hi Volker,

Vol 3 ist soeben erschienen (auch wenn der Newsletter noch schweigt). Download funktioniert zur Zeit nur direkt:


Gruß MaKo

MaKo, 2004-09-28

hey volker, thanx for yr "news" (quite old already, i know...)!!! enjoy snowy germany... ;)

greets from manchester, patrick

patrick büchner, 2005-02-22

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