Linux Centre at the very end of Scotland

by Volker Weber


Ed asked me about this picture; he actually asked twice and it was time for a good explanation. First you need to know where this signs stands. Look for #14 on this map. To the left of the yellow box is "Dell". And at this very remote location you encounter this sign. The surprise was big enough for us to forgo the obvious photo of Butt of Lewis which must be the second most photographed funny place name. (This is #1).

Now, what is the Linux Centre? It turns out to be this company.


I'd meant to say something about "Open Source - except on a Sunday, when its closed", but thought better of it :-)

Mark Smith, 2004-08-02


Now that is an insider joke. For all others: There is not even a ferry boat travelling to Lewis on a Sunday.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-02

But they started flights a year or two ago, which at the time created a huge uproar. Not sure if this has calmed down by now.

I can very well remember the fun I had when I was there on a Sunday two years ago. Thank God (if you excuse the pun) the weather was good...

Armin, 2004-08-02

For a comprehensive list of rude place names:

Andy, 2004-08-03

I know a place called "Pulling" near Munich, which gave my roommate at the time a rough time with his friends in London... obviously in their slang "pulling" was the term for picking up girls in bars at night... and now he lived in "Pulling"... ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-08-03

Well, apparently I live close to
- Sodom
- Golden Balls
- Crotch Crescent
- Pishill
among other places.

Only works for UK postcodes (I think), you can try it here for your postcode (if you have a UK postcode that is).

Armin, 2004-08-03

On that basis we must live quite close to each other - I get all those too!

(or maybe it just spreads it net very wide)

Nick of 'OX2'

Nick Daisley, 2004-08-05


If I'm guessing right that OX2 has to do with a famous university then yes.

Mine is SN3, which is famous for the Magic Roundabout, XTC, Diana Dors (I think), Melinda Messenger and, well, not much else.

Armin, 2004-08-05

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