Download free mp3 tracks from Mercedes-Benz

by Volker Weber

Mercedes does it again and releases Mixed Tape 02 with 15 free tracks from Acoustic World Ensemble, Audiomatix, Bazar, Bloc Business, Comfort Fit, Erik Sumo, Harmonic 33, K, Lacks, Marion, Moogul,Phoniclux, Radiolife 03,Tres:ciel and Viennese Cinnamon. You can listen to them online or download them for free. Tape 03 shall be released September 28th.

The tracks are ripped with excellent quality, are neatly tagged and already have the album art embedded for iTunes. Go get them.


just have been there...
nice compilation, is there any chance to get the first one too?


zarah, 2004-08-04

I dare for the mixed tape 02. Who can help me to get it?

yeah, seems like mercedes isn't providing old mixed tape releases anymore. i think i got mixed tape 1 still somewhere on harddisk, and tape 3 ofcourse, but i missed tape 2 :-(

Sascha Reissner, 2004-10-10

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