When Analysts Astroturf

by Volker Weber

eWeek's Sean Gallagher:

There's been a bit of fun happening over at Ed Brill's blog. His personal weblog became the target of some anonymous drive-by sniping(read the comments) after he publicly questioned the fairness of a report by the Radicati Group. Then, lo and behold, it turned out that the comments had been posted from an IP address at Radicati Group.

But wait, there's more,

Volker Weber dissects Radicati's apparent dirty deeds further. And there's, well, a lot of other documentation of this little war over a white paper. Does Marc Fleury work for Radicati Group now?

Scott Hanson:

Internet analysts gone bad, or on the Internet sometimes they do know you’re a dog.

Simon Phipps:

A small storm, not unlike the one that blew up around the astroturfing on TSS, is blowing up in the Domino community - Volker has a summary, it's about the Radicati Group.


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