"I think you have not understood a single thing I just wrote to you"

by Volker Weber

The only asset an analyst has is credibility. So this letter is worth a full quote:

From: "Sara Radicati"
Date: 08/04/2004 12:19 PM
To: eric.mack@ica.com
Fax to:
Subject: RE: Dr. Radicati, do you plan to respond to Michael Sampson's response to your Messaging Market Analysis?


I think you have not understood a single thing I just wrote to you - again, everything I needed to say about this topic or our methodology, ethics, processes, etc. is already posted on my web site.

I really don't have any more time for these endless discussions.


Sara Radicati, PhD
President & CEO
The Radicati Group, Inc.
595 Lytton Ave.
Palo Alto, CA 94301
Tel: 650-322-8059 x.18

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Wow... getting deeper and deeper into sh*t.

Hopefully her other communications and reports are more "understandable".

Tony S Lee, 2004-08-05

Hmmm..ethics? I think those "discussions" were posted on my blog:



I do not see any links to discussions of ethics on the Radicati Group site, do you?

Christopher Byrne, 2004-08-05

Well, reading the discussions on several blogs and websites I was curious to get an impression myself, so I went to request the report from the Radicati Group. All the responses are available for anyone, only the original report reqiures a free-of-charge subscription to the Radicati newsletter.
Ok, on the subscription form they already post the instructions to unsubscribe, so I though, what the heck, I'll subscribe and when I have the paper, I'll unsubscribe.
I thought...
I received the paper, sent an email to list@radicati.com with the subject "unsubscribe" as instructed by the afore mentioned website. And... I received a delivery failure, "550 No such user - psmtp"...
So I did a WhoIs lookup and guess what, the admin contact is Dr. Sara Radicati... well, so I went to send an email to sara@radicati.com, with a cc to webmaster@..., and only half an hour later I received a very polite apology from the webmaster, saying they removed me from the list and updated the info on the website.

So, despite all the buzz about this particular report, one should be careful to judge on the Radicati Group in general. This was not related to the analyst business of the Radicati Group, of course, but I'm sure that also in that part, there are many employees doing a very good job in a very ethical manner.

As we say in German, "nichts wird so heiss gegessen, wie's gekocht wird" (something like "nothing is eaten as hot as it was cooked")...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-08-06

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