Fire or have fired?

by Volker Weber

Sean Gallagher in eWeek:

Radicati said she has sent e-mails to IBM executives, including Ken Bisconti, vice president of Workplace products for IBM Lotus, urging Brill's firing. She has called for Brill's dismissal in the past as well, in part for comments he made on his blog referring to her company as "infamous." Neither Brill nor Bisconti was available for comment.

Somehow I doubt that this story will make it into the "Radicati in the News" section on their front page. It made it into the Radicati Group wiki page though which now trails the official home page on


Hmm, sort of nasty to be picking through all this dirty laundry. Reminds me that a few days ago was the 30th anniversay of Richard Nixon's resignation. Somehow this whole Radicati thing seems to be unravelling/spinning out of control sort of the way Nixon did.....

Bob Balaban, 2004-08-09

It has gone on far longer than it should have I agree, but then these underhand tactics from Radicati and / or friends have just exacerbated the situation.

Radicati have called for the firing of at least two people, just because those characters opted to disagree with the group and call them on it. Now that is nasty.

Ben Poole, 2004-08-09

Bob I thought you were busy taking on Web Services and SOA's :-).

Bruce Elgort, 2004-08-09

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