XP SP2 ready

by Volker Weber


Against popular belief there are Windows machines in vowe's magic flying circus. And there is even one physical and two virtual machines running Windows XP. :-)


Uhm, where the hell did you get SP2 from ? It does not seem to be public right know (08/10/2004, 00:40 CET)...

Owen Menck, 2004-08-10

Ups, sorry for the "k"

Owen Menck, 2004-08-10

German version here.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-10

And english version here.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-10

Slashdot posted this link to SP2 BitTorrent files: http://sp2torrent.com/index.php

My installation one hour ago was painless. The new firewall, pop-up blocker and add-on manager are improvements.

Mike, 2004-08-10

One customer just reports Notes 6.5.1 German is not working anymore after SP2 update. NSD starts running but crashes too while trying to write the log. Coincidence? Let us pray.

martin, 2004-08-10

Oh lord won't you buy me a mercedes benz. Oh yeah and iBooks for my customers. Okay after the third XP reboot and reinstallment of Notes 6.5.1 German it is working again. "sigh" Praying helps. Sometimes.

martin, 2004-08-10

my favorite customer reports that printing on LPT3: does not work on 4 out 10 workstations after upgrading to XP2 ;-( Anybody out there who can confirm???

Schweppes, 2004-08-10

Notes 6.5.1 runs fine after SP2 update. No problem over here.

Alexander Kluge, 2004-08-10

Well, SP2 doesn't work that good at all. Out of 5 installations, I got 2 BSODs after the upgrade. So, everyone who want's to minimize the possibilities of failures, just watch at Jupiter Jones Website.

Markus Thielmann, 2004-08-11

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