A few quick notes on the Axim

by Volker Weber

First of all, you must be nuts to buy a PocketPC device if you do not run Windows. For one very simple reason: Every PocketPC developer assumes you have a Windows PC. Most applications come wrapped up in EXE files that install CAB files to a directory in ActiveSync. Then they get pushed to the device over the link and installed there. Only the smarter developers wrap the application into a ZIP file. I have yet to find the first application that installs over the air, without any PC involved.

The hardware of the Axim is neat. Feels cheap compared to a Tungsten but is in line with the rest of the PocketPCs. Having WLAN and Bluetooth is definitely neat. The browser is as useless as in all the small devices. As is an MP3 player, since even without using one, the Axim burns through one charge in about 3 hours. That is what the average Centrino notebook does today.

The Skype beta hangs the system tight when I try to log on. I know, it's still in beta.

It looks like this device does not win the editor-refuses-to-give-it-back award.


Mittlerweile bieten sehr viele Entwickler ihre Software alternativ im .CAB-Format an - over-the-air ist damit kein Problem mehr. (z.B. http://www.developerone.com)

Ansonsten gibt's leider eine Reihe von Schlaumeiern, die irgendein Verzeichnis, nur nicht ActiveSync nehmen - womit die Suche nach dem .CAB-File ziemlich ausarten kann (sofern man überhaupt einen PC zum entpacken hat :-)

Wolfgang Miedl, 2004-08-11

...aber Vorsicht: .CAB-Files löschen sich i.d.R. nach der Installation. Mit Read-Only-Flag lässt sich das abstellen.

Wolfgang Miedl, 2004-08-11

Have you tried The Missing Sync?

Christian Bogen, 2004-08-11

Yes. But it does not let me install applications from EXE installers. (For CAB files I have an application that lives in the device itself). I maintain that a PocketPC is a PITA if you are not running a Windows PC.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-11

Have ever considered using »TMS« for your T3? Personally I find the notion of getting rid of the dreaded PalmDesktop quite tempting – though it's not an option for me right now since my trusty old Visor Edge isn't supported ...

Christian Bogen, 2004-08-11

What is TMS? Link please.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-11

Oh, sorry, I meant The Missing Sync ...

Christian Bogen, 2004-08-11

I suspect that the exe package format will be a problem for some time - often it is used simply as a method of delivering an end user license agreement. Microsoft is notorious for doing this - I've seen training video delivered this way! Longhorn promises something much like OS X's dmg format to rectify this problem.

I find the near universal dislike of the Palm desktop interesting - and a parallel to the Lotus Notes client. Once indispensable multi-functional tools, now looking paunchy as stand-alone programs sharpen their aim.

In any case, Volker, aren't you're tied to Windows at some level as long as you work with Lotus Notes (for the Designer)?

David Richardson, 2004-08-11

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