Impressions from Scotland

by Volker Weber


Impressions from Harris (Outer Hebrides) and the Highlands (Glen Garry).


These are my first QTVR files. They are both about 1.2 meg in size. You need Quicktime to view them. Both of them are not very well stitched together, but I guess they are good enough for a first effort.


I think the second one is the view over Glen Garry and Loch Garry from the A87 between Fort William and Kyle of Lochalsh. Which would make it north (well, may be just north-west) of Glen Coe ;-)

Armin, 2004-08-15

You noticed my mistake faster than I could fix it. I found it here again, so it had to be west of Invergarry. :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-08-15

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