by Volker Weber



Das ist das Entwürdigende an der Paranoia...

Wolfgang Flamme, 2004-08-16

this is the reason for me, to not set a foot into the US anymore.

Sascha Reissner, 2004-08-16

The whole procedure takes less than a minute, so it's really no big deal. But then, one can make a big deal out of pretty much everything these days...

Thomas, 2004-08-16

This year is the first year we are not going to visit our friends in Seattle.

But it looks like that Germany will introduce a biometric ID at the end of next year so we'll carry our fingerprints. Isn't that great? I feel so safe now.
(Set the sarcistic tags in this comment.)

Tobias Mueller, 2004-08-16

Degrading. One more reason not to fly to americans.

Personally, i also have also the problem that i´m using linux ( on the notebook), hej, i´m a terrorist now - as determined by Microsoft & Schorsch W.


Ingo Harpel, 2004-08-16

Big deal or no big deal. As long as the reason for these measures is not properly and convincingly (!!!) explained, I will not travel to this weired country any more!

There is other places to visit.

Thomas Nowak, 2004-08-16

This intimidating procedure reminds me more of going to jail than to the Land of the Free.

Joerg Richter, 2004-08-16

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