The programs ... listed ... may experience issues

by Volker Weber

The programs that are listed in this article may experience issues after you upgrade to Windows XP SP2. You may not notice some of these issues. Additionally, software vendors may have resolved some of these issues. Contact the software manufacturer or vendor for more specific details.

If your program is listed here:

AE Test, AOL, AOL Toolkit, Action Request System, Activision, Ad-sheild, Age of Empires II: Age of Kings, Ahead, Al Ariss, Al Maalin, Al Mawrad (Arabic), AppManager, Application Center 2000 SP2, ArcServe, Aris Buenaventura, AutoCAD, Backup Exec, Becky, Bind View, BitDefender, BizTalk 2004, Blizzard, BootSkin, BrightStor ArcServe Backup 9.0, Britannica, Caropus, CheckSoft Home and Business, Chess Advantage III: Lego Chess, Citrix, Citrix ICA client, Claris, ColdFusion MX for J2EE 6, Comabt Flight Simulator 3, Command & Conquer Generals, Command & Conquer Generals Zero Hour, Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, Command Antivirus, Command and Conquer Red Alert 2, Conflict: Desert Storm, Corel Draw 9 - PhotoPaint (German), Countertop Software, Croteam, Cute FTP 5.0, Dave's Quick Search Toolbar, Dead Man's Hand, Der Brockhaus Multimedia (German), Diet KaZaa, Diskeeper, DivxPlayer, EDM File System Agent 3.1, ERDisk for AD, ESET NOD32 for windows, Earth & Beyond, Eclipse, Encarta Enzyklopädie, Encore, Encyclopedia Britannica, End2End 4.1, Etrust EZArmor, Exceed 8, Excel, Extra Enterprise 2000 2000, Extra Personal Client 6.5, Extra! Bundle for TCP/IP 6.6, F-Secure, File and Storage Administrator 2.1 (191067), FileMaker Pro (German), Freedom Force, Freedom Scientific, Freehand 8 (German), GW Micro, Ghost Corporate Edition 7.5, GlobalScape, HP Quick Launch Buttons, HP SJ 6350, HPSetup 42NAheBLU1 SW build, Halo Combat Evolved (Arabic and Hebrew), Harvard Graphics, High School Advantage 2003, Host Explorer 8, ICQ, IMSI, ISV, InnoculateIT, Installshield, Instant CD/DVD, JAWS 5.0, KEA! 340 v5.1, KaZaa Media Desktop, Kerio Personal Firewall, Knowledge Adventure, Live Journal, M-2K, MS License, MSBN, MSN, Magellan, MapPoint Europe, MapSend Direct Route, Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne, McAfee Internet Security Suite 2004, McAfee Parental Controls, McAfee Remote Desktop 32, McAfee VirusScan, Medieval Total War, Merriam Webster's Reference Library 2003 - Journey to the Planets, Microsoft Operations Manager, Midnight Outlaw Illegal Street Drug, MotoRacer, MpegCraft DVD, Musicmatch Jukebox, NASCAR Racing 2003 Season v2003, NBA Live 2000, Pinnacle Studio 9, Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2, Nero 6 Ultra, Nero Burning ROM, Netshield 4.5, Nod32, Norman Personal Firewall, Norton Antivirus 2003, Norton Systemworks, NovaNet Web, NovaStor, Access, Power Point, Excel, Outlook, Outlook Web Access, PC Magazine Business Winstone Benchmark, PCAnywhere, Pagemaker, Patrol for Windows 2000, PhotoClick, PhotoExplosion Deluxe, PhotoImpact 7, Photoshop Elements, Pinnacle Studio, Playzone Preschool - Kindergarten - Jump Start Spelling, Quicken, Clearcase, Real Player, Red Storm, Redmedy, Reflection, Retrospect Client, Revenge of Arcade, Roboword Pro, RockStar Games, Roller Coaster Factory, SMS, SNA Server, SQL, Scrabble, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Server Administrator Tools, Sierra, SimCity 4, Smantec Antivirus Corporate Edition, SmartSuite, Smarterm Office, SonicWALL, Star Trek StarFleet Command III, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, StarCraft, Style XP, StyleSelector, Super Collapse, Talkworks Pro, TaxSaver, Technocraft, The Lion King Animated Storybook, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield, Tribes 2, TurboCAD Professional, UX Theme MultiPatcher, Unreal Tournament, ViaVoice for Windows Personal Edition 10, ViewNow, VirusSecurity 2004, VirutalPC, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Visual Studio, VisursScan, Volume Manager 3.1, WISO Sparbuch, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Collector's Edition, WinGate, WinRoute, Window-Eyes, Windows Sharepoint Services, Winfax Pro, Word, WordPerfect Office, Works Suite, Xoreax Incredibuild, Yahoo Messenger, ZoneAlarm, authentium, bv-Admin Mobile 7, eTrust, iMesh

... then you may want to check this technote before installing XP Service Pack 2.


Immerhin ist das SP2 laut BILD "der wichtigste Download des Jahres". Den passenden Kommentar hierzu liefert Bildblog.

Joerg Richter, 2004-08-16

Total desaster...
Microsoft is an issue!

Phil, 2004-08-16

Where were you when I needed you? ;-)

Chris Linfoot, 2004-08-16

Wouldn't it be better to list the software that probably do not experience issues? Think the list will be shorter. :-)

Frank, 2004-08-16

Statt vernünftige Software zu nutzen werden Flicken für den Teppich als "wichtigster" Download des Jahres deklariert.

Nein die Wirtschaftsmisere kommt nicht von irgendwoher.


Ingo Harpel, 2004-08-16

Check this out

Rajiv Menon, 2004-08-17

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