Columnist apologizes

by Volker Weber

How is that for a change?

You probably remember an exchange we had back in January, 2004. You had just introduced the new iPod mini at Macworld. I wrote a column opining that the mini was too pricey -- only $50 less than the iPod -- and destined to flop in much the same manner as the ill-fated G3 Cube.

You then wrote me an e-mail asking that if my assumption of a mini flop proved incorrect would I publish an apology. "Of course!" I replied. Well, the mini is not a flop. In fact, it's a hit. I can't deny it. So, here's my apology, Steve. The mini is no Cube. I was wrong, and you were right.

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I haven't seen that before. And I guess there would be a lot of doomsayers in the Domino space that could follow suit.


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