Looking for a world clock

by Volker Weber


The Tungsten has an excellent world clock. Since it is in the ROM I cannot use it on the Treo. :-(

Can anyone suggest a nice world clock like this one a) for the Treo and b) for a Mac? For the Mac I would prefer something that lets me see a number of (digital) clocks in one window that can sit aside on my second screen.

Please note that I have added a clock under my AIM status to the right. That gives you an indicator of how late it actually is here, when you are still fully charged. :-)

Update: Thomas has recommended a nice Mac world clock:


Update: Brent has recommended CityTime. It turned out it is already included with the Treo.


ich nutze dafür das tool konfabulator. das kannst du viele funktionen laufen lassen. unter anderem auch weltzeit. guck auch mal auf mein blog. da geht einiges mit konfabulator ;-)

markus, 2004-08-20

How about WorldMate? http://www.mobimate.com/worldmate/index2.shtml

Vesey, 2004-08-20

Bei mir läuft bigclock von bigclock.de. Auch als Wecker gut zu benutzen weil : Man kann 4 verschiedene Weckzeiten einstellen (für Morgenmuffel halt)

Luiz, 2004-08-20

Für den Mac hätt' ich was: "World Clock Deluxe", MaBaSoft
-> http://www.mabasoft.com/products/worldClockDeluxeX.html

Thomas, 2004-08-20

Worldmate. Right, I actually have that. But it is too busy. It tries to do too many things.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-20

Didn't you search for a world clock a few weeks ago? ;-)

For Palm OS I can second Luiz. I suggested BigClock on your last request and I still prefer it. ;-)

Markus Thielmann, 2004-08-20

o.k. hier die richtige email-addy ;-)) hab halt mail-spider-paranoia :-))

markus, 2004-08-20

Markus, yes I did. BigClock is sort of nice and has been around for a long time. But I was not looking for an engineer's toolbox. :-) Bigclock does not know anything about time other than the local time of the device. No timezones, only offsets from local. No daylight savings time. It does not know about system sounds but you program the synthesizer with your own "tune". It can do almost anything, but in a very crude way.

You have to compare the simplicity and beauty of the worldclock pictured above to the horror of BigClock.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-20

try CityTime at www.codecity.com.au

Brent, 2004-08-20

Thank you, Brent. CodeCity has a different URL.

The program is indeed very nice and, big surprise, it is licensed by palmOne and included in the Treo ROM. Bugger. I should have been more careful to notice that.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-20

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