Joint venture

by Volker Weber

5 days ago Joe Litton wrote:

24 years ago today Shirley and I joined our names. Her last name was "Burton" and mine was "Little" (rather appropriate, actually :-) ...We took the "LIT" from Little and the "TON" from Burton, and started the Litton family.

I had to think about this for a few days. As far as I understand, it would be completely impossible under our legislation. It always seemed odd to me that the bride (or the groom) has to give up her (his) name. (Which is not necessary here any more, btw.) But Joe and Shirley have created something new. I like this idea. I like it a lot.

Congratulations, somewhat belated to you, Shirley and Joe. Next year you can have a big $200 celebration in your new home then. I would volunteer to play the guitar, if only I could ...

PS: Why does this remind me of "Sandigraber"? :-)


... tja, weil wir dieses Modell (an dieser Stelle Dank an den Schöpfer ;-) ) auch ohne rechtliche Grundlage (und ohne Trauschein) soweit wie möglich leben ...
Schönes Wochenende - ck one

"Fr. Sandigraber", 2004-08-21

Although in Germany neither bride nor groom have to give up their last names anymore, they still have to pick a family name. This can be either the bride's or the groom's last name or a combination of both, coupled with a dash (some restrictions and rules apply there that I currently don't recall). This family name is the last name all children will get and - for it can't be changed - will have to use. So much for the "freedom of choice" ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2004-08-21

Thanks for the kind wishes Volker.

We've since heard of one or two other couples who've combined their names (using portions of each) without using hyphens. It does, I guess, add a challenge for those who may want to trace the family history in generations to come :-)

Joe Litton, 2004-08-21

As far as I know, in Sweden you can take a name from your line of ancestors. At least thats what two friends of mine did. They picked the last name of the wifes grandfather and the husband then gave up his own name and they are both carrying a new familyname. Not exactly what the Littons did, but pretty close! When I first heard of it, I liked the idea, too. Wondering if it is possible to go to sweden, marry there under these conditions and return to Germany...

Thomas Nowak, 2004-08-22

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