by Volker Weber



The spots are lacking the background tune from the Apple switch ads for full impact :-)

Marc, 2004-08-22

After viewing the spots I believe that the Americans are better off than we are here in Germany. They can choose a candidate who gives them some hope that he'll make things better. I don't see such a choice over here.

Stefan Rubner, 2004-08-22

You honestly believe that John Kerry offers something of a choice? John Kerry can say whatever he wants - IF he gets elected, he won't have many choices about what he can actually do.
All this stuff about involving the international community with troops in Iraq, bringing US troops home - it's bullshit. We're there to stay. Probably about 50 years, I'd guess, just like Germany.

Kerry's Democratic predecessor - Clinton - passed NAFTA and gave China "Favored Nation Status" - both of which damaged blue collar jobs in the US far more than anything since - I wouldn't say there'll be a lot of change in store on the economy side either.

This isn't choice. This is the same bullshit in a different wrapper. You European guys aren't stupid, but you're telling me you believe the political ads?????

Jon Johnston, 2004-08-22

Its always the choice between pest and cholera only the country names are changing.

Joern, 2004-08-22

@Jon: Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I never did and most likely never will believe political ads. The difference I was talking about is that Kerry at least gives the impression to be able to do/change something. When looking at our politicians I don't see even that. So wheres you have the choice between pest and cholera as Jorn put it, we've got the choice between pest and pest. Or to stick with your wording: You've got at least the different wrapper :-)

Stefan Rubner, 2004-08-22

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