IBM has some interesting questions for you

by Volker Weber


... when you sign up for Lotusfear.


Hmm. There's something missing, but I can't quite put my finger on it....

Andrew Pollack, 2004-08-24

Well, if this is while signing up for LotusSphere...
They could have added a fixed checkmark for Lotus, why would you sign up for LotusSphere otherwise? Or rephrase the sentence appropriatly: What OTHER IBM brands are imporant..
My 2c
:-) stw

Stephan H. Wissel, 2004-08-24

ok, it's not great English, but Stephan's point is the right one. Why else attend Lotusphere if Lotus isn't an important part (or potentially so) of your business?
I'll let the team know.

Ed Brill, 2004-08-24

There is a saying for quite a while that Lotus will technically merge with Websphere and in the future it will no longer be a distict product. Same with the Lotus Software Division.

What do you know about this, Volker. And Ed of course ...

I read your comments on this a while ago and with all due respect I think they are too simplistic.

The next generation of Lotus products are based on technology from the other brands. IBM also folded the portal products into Lotus. However, the "old" stuff is not going away as quickly as IBM initially thought. So you see them reinforcing the messages around Domino. Watch Ed defending this franchise as soon as he gets up. After all he is responsible for sales of those products. :-)

Volker Weber, 2004-08-24

Thx for your information, Volker. Since our company is focused strongly (in fact "solely") on Websphere and Rational. We do not work on Lotus.

WebSphere Application Server and WebSphere Portal are foundational elements for the Lotus Workplace products, of which version 2.0 shipped last month. Notes/Domino isintegrated (and will be moreso) with other IBM software such as WebSphere Application Server, WebSphere Portal, and (in the next release) DB2.

The Lotus brand remains separate and is focused on the "on the glass" capabilities for collaboration and people productivity within IBM Software. Building on the IBM software foundation <> being absorbed into it.

OK, I've been awake for an hour, but I had to eat breakfast first. ;)

Ed Brill, 2004-08-24

By the way, the registration form will be modified. Thank you, vowe ;)

Ed Brill, 2004-08-24

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