I like transparent shells

by Volker Weber


Many programs in Mac OS X support transparency. This is especially useful in the Terminal application because it allows you to read instructions that are tucked away under the shell. Never without my cheat sheet. :-)


> Never without my cheat sheet. :-)

Looking at the screen shot, an idea starts to form in my mind about the contents of that specific cheat sheet you're talking about ;-)

Stefan Rubner, 2004-08-24

Well, dark clouds are the new black. No idea how you turned that black hole sun into a rather shiny yellow one. Wish you could extend your cheating capabilities to atmospherical issues.

Andreas, 2004-08-24

Knoppix per Bittorrent?! Shame on you ;-) - www.knopper.net rules *g*

wonderer4711, 2004-08-25

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