Mobile Wi-Fi Seeker

by Ragnar Schierholz

Have a laptop? Travel with it? Ever wish you could quickly and easily find a wireless hot spot? If the answer is "Yes", then whether you're in an airport, another office or even at home, the QuickLink Mobile Wi-Fi Seeker will help you zero-in on the best access point.

This sounds like a neat device to me. $30 sounds like a reasonable price as well. If only the shipping to Switzerland wouldn't be $120.

Note to self: Put this on the shopping list for the next trip to the US.


Warum in die Ferne schweifen? -> Apple Store

Gips glaub ich auch bei Gravis und Konsorten. Ich hab neulich einen zum Burzeltag bekommen, funktioniert "as advertised"...

Thomas, 2004-08-24

That looks suspiciously like the WiFi Seeker which is (according to the website) developed by Chrysalis Development. I looked at it several months ago and asked if there was going to be a European distributor.

This is what I sent:
"I'm very interested in buying a WiFi Seeker once it becomes available.

As I'm living in the UK I'm wondering if you will have a European distributor I could buy it from? Or will have to order it from the US?"

Their reply wasn't exactly helpful:
"Thanks for your interest in the WiFi Seeker. Units will become available in early Q3. When available, you can order them at I will make sure to notify you as soon as
the units are available.

Thanks again for your interest!"

Erm, yes, I knew that. And never heard from them again. Which reduced my interest in their product quite dramatically.

Armin, 2004-08-24

siehe hier oder auch mehrfach in EBAY (search kensington wifi)


Alex, 2004-08-24

Apparently the Kensington WiFi Finder is much bigger though and doesn't offer a constant active scan. Your choice ;-)

Armin, 2004-08-24

Den Kensington WiFi-Finder gab es bei Amazon (.us) lange Zeit fuer $15, da haette man den wohl kaufen sollen :)
Zu dem zweiten 'WiFi-Seeker' muss ich sagen, dass mir der auf der Defcon dieses Jahr angepriesen wurde, aber nicht wirklich ueberzeugen kann. Die Richtungsanzeige funktionierte, allerdings fehlen ein paar features wie 'da ist aktuell traffic' oder 'WEP ist aus'.
Ich gehe davon aus, dass es bald etwas teurere Geraete gibt, die noch einen layer hoeher als die aktuellen Gadgets die Daten auswerten, sprich Informationen ueber moegliche Internet-Konnektivitaet oder WEP/WPA/...

Just my $.02,

Hendrik Scholz, 2004-08-25


if you live in Zürich you could go to ToMac ( computers (Sihlfeldstrasse 53/55 in Zürich Wiedikon) - ask for Josias Conrad (send him my greetings) - I bought one there for about 25 CHF - works perfectly.

The only problem with mine is that is only tells me if there is a AP near me (incl. the strength) but not if it is open or not :o(


ursus, 2004-08-25

Thanks, I am in Zurich every now and then. Will stop by and check the store, on the web they look pretty professional.

Of course, an indication of lacking encryption would be neat, but that would require a logical analysis of the signal, thus computing power rather than just sensors as in these devices. Devices who can do the higher level stuff are and I think will remain larger than "key chain" size.

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-08-25

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