Diversity is good

by Volker Weber



hehe, how many of these are based on Mozilla...?

wonderer4711, 2004-08-25

Hm, seems like the mentioning of the site has created a heavy traffic. I received the homepage, but couldn't get any further, because the site timed out. A reload of the homepage timed out then as well.

And BTW: I don't want to be picky but shouldn't it be "browse happily" ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-08-25

Hmm. Ich glaube der Unterschiedd liegt darin:
Browse happy = Browse und sei glücklich (im Gegensatz zu "Browse worried")
Browse happily = Sei gefälligst glücklich, bevor du mit dem Browsen anfängst :-)

"Happily Surfin'" klingt ja irgendwie auch blöder als der Wunsch "Happy Surfin'" *G*

Andererseits: Experte bin ich da auch nicht, Schulenglisch ist doch schon eine Weile her.

Stefan Rubner, 2004-08-25

Browse happily is certainly correct English. Browse happy is typical "advertising Denglish..." IHMO, but I haven't lived in the UK for over 24 years :-)

John Keys, 2004-08-25

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