German accent

by Volker Weber

The reason why Germans mix up V and W is that the sound in English that is pronounced as W does not exist as a systemically defined entity in German (systemativcally defined entity = what we call a phoneme). The area of pronunciation where you find W is not used for making sense in German, but may occur as a possible pronunciation of the sound V (written W) in German, so Germans struggling with making a difference between spoken V and W tend to mix them up.

On the other hand this explains why very few English speaking people who know me will pronounce my name correctly. Bob, Ed, John and Vesey, I am not talking about you. :-)

The German language has the letters V and W. They are pronounced like English F and V respectively.

Here is a hint: Say "Folker Vayber" and you got it right.

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This is good to know. I just recently put a pronunciation guide for my name on my blog as well. Handy to know before the blogger get togethers at Lotusphere.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2004-08-30

Which of course means that my car is a Fau Vay, which happen to be your initials, too.

Scott, 2004-08-30

Which is the reason, I created "vowe" when I was a teen. VW was taken. :-) And "vowe" does not sound as many people think, but I don't really care since it is not my name.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-30

Well, that explains why so many Germans say EmmTeeWee instead of just MTV ;-)

Heiko Hebig, 2004-08-30

im playing a german in the year 12 production
im of an english speaking background & i am having heaps of trouble getting the accent right, i sound stupid when i try
is there anything i can do to help me

alex matyear, 2006-02-11

Hi! ^^

I'm an american student, studying german. I have very few issues with pronounciation of german words,(shockingly, a german coming over for the Bayer Corp. thought I was german O_o) but its attempting a german accent in english that gives me issues.
I was pretending to be a german foriegn exchange student for this thing a had to do for school, and I've had a bit of trouble with keeping the accent. Any suggestions? I can't fall into my pittsburgh-eeze drawl whilst trying to sound german.

Melissa Boby, 2006-05-09

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