Skype adds support for Mac OS X

by Volker Weber


Download for Linux, Mac OS X, PocketPC, Windows


As usual, thanks for the useful hint.

Have downloaded the program and installed it very easily and asked a windozer friend to do the same. It looks all very nice with a friendly interface though, voice connection is very poor and scatty.

IMHO, iVisit performs much much better. Did you ever try it?

Pieter, 2004-08-31

In the windows-version full-duplex seems to be disabled as default, which reduces quality a lot. The following key enables it and I didnt find any side-effects yet:


from 0 to 1

Marius, 2004-08-31

Marius: strange, I don't have this key in my registry. It ends with "General"... Did you add the key AEC on your own?

Schweppes, 2004-08-31

Definitely a beta, but usable. Voice quality is, as Pieter says, 'scatty', and seems to degrade over time (memory leaks?), and conference calling is missing in the Mac version. Otherwise, it seems feature-complete.

David Richardson, 2004-08-31

It has a potential to replace AIM for me. Secure IM, file transfer, presence information, voice calls.

Volker Weber, 2004-08-31

My reg key was already set to '1', but could be set by the beta installs.

Vince Schuurman, 2004-08-31

i've a G5 /Panther osx.3.7,installed the Skype for Mac osx and yesterday lost the mic' talk ,i'm using the iSIGHT camera/mic it was working wonderfull(with late skype version for osx) but suddenly no audio,"never the less on ichat/aim i 've voice perfect,
What should i do
Thank you

arie Lilienthal, 2005-01-15

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