Skype users disappearing from directory

by Volker Weber

I have the impression that the Skype directory is broken. When trying to add friends that do have a Skype name, the system tells me that they don't exist. However, that might actually work as designed. From the Skype FAQ:

Q: How do I delete my Skype Name or personal profile?

A: Your profile record (except the Skype Name!) is not stored permanently. Your profile will automatically expire and will be deleted from the user directory in approximately 72 hours after you’ve last used Skype. If you login again with the Skype Name you wish to delete, the Skype Name will get refreshed and you may get the impression that the name has not disappeared yet.

This is another good reason why we would need to have this handy list of Skype IDs.


Even the storage size of a well-implemented distributed hash table is not unlimited, and search times do not get shorter with more data... ;-)


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-09-03

Does Skype have a record feature or did you pipe the audio to an external recorder or did you steno it?
I am doing a simple recording of a WAV file (or MP3 too !) but keeps getting the above error message. My mic works as I use it
on SKYPE everyday but on simple recording tests, it

A Chen, 2004-09-25

Hi Volker

How do I delete my Skype Name? I'd like to change it (put a space in rather than just one word) to make it easier for friends to find me while searching...



Merlin Matthews, 2004-10-25

You simply don't. Just register a new skype name and you're done. However, Skype does not allow for spaces in the user name. So you either have to use first.last or first_last or stick with firstlast. Changing your name won't - at least to my experiences - enhance the chance of others finding you. I already came up empty handed on handles that I know exist. Seems to depend on the stability of the peer realtions between the participating systems.

Stefan Rubner, 2004-10-25


How can I delete a Skype user name from the list (drop down menu)? I used it on a shared computer and do not want it to reamin there?



Ashish Singh, 2005-01-30

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