Product placement

by Volker Weber


Aren't you so ready to get an iPod? :-)

[Thanks, Alexander]


Maybe she is playing with an iPod version of PalmaSutra? :)

PS: No it doesn't exist for the iPod.

Eric Garneau, 2004-09-03

Mine came with a case, a remote, a dock, but without the lady :-(

Ole Saalmann, 2004-09-03

After being distracted quite a bit, and not having an ipod - I noticed that part of the top of the case is *black* - I thought an ipod came all in white ?

blaster_boy, 2004-09-03

White front, stainless steel body. That reflects black surfaces just as well.

Volker Weber, 2004-09-03

Well, I don't mind at all, but for the sake of your readers in an office environment you may want to consider adding a "not work-safe" tag to links like this one :-)

Marc, 2004-09-03

Hm, I always wondered when the first pictures with gynecological detail of an iPod would come out...

Smooth surface, so to say ;-)

And - yes the link IS workplace safe - in decent workplaces.


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-09-03

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