Groove Networks ends its ludicrous international pricing policy

by Volker Weber

It took Groove Networks 18 months to figure this out.

You may have noticed an important change in our web store. We've removed the price uplifts for customers located outside of North America.

We decided to stop charging an international price uplift for the time being primarily because of customer feedback. When we launched v3.0, we once again heard from people outside North America that they didn’t agree with this approach, especially since we currently don’t provide any localized versions, e.g., French, German or other non-English languages. Given this feedback, and our overall desire to simplify pricing, licensing, upgrades, etc., we decided to revert to a single worldwide price for each of our products.

Whoever had this brilliant idea in the first place ...

[via Jeroen]


Now, that's certainly real news. No increased charges for Old Europe. I wonder if this lightning bolt of a real thought will hit the folks at other major U.S. software firms (Adobe? Macromedia?), too.


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Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-09-04

I have never understood the approach of charging different prices for different parts of the world. It seems certain to alienate customers. We have always charged the same prices for our products in all parts of the world. In the rare case that a customer wants or needs a quote in local currency, we get as close as possible to the actual exchange price. It just makes sense.

Ben Langhinrichs, 2004-09-06

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