Thunderbird and Domino IMAP

by Volker Weber

I am a heavy Domino user, but a very light Notes user. As such I prefer IMAP/SMTP for my mail needs to NRPC. However, Domino gives me all kinds of headaches with IMAP clients. The mail file collects funky folders for sent files, maybe due to the fact, that the Sent folder in Notes is not really a folder but rather a view.

Thunderbird now adds a new problem. See this error message that I get after sending a mail:


When I retry, I get the same message again, and abort will give me second message that Thunderbird failed to file the sent message. I can work around the problem by using the sent mail folder on the client, but that is not what I want.

Has anybody seen this and if so, do you know a workaround?


IMAP and Domino

it's even worse

I had several times the problem that there were messages missing in the IMAP view (with Outlook, Outlook express or opera - no difference) - of course they were there in the notes view.

Since then I am working on a concept for non-repudiated SMTP messaging. Any great Python or Java guys out there helping me on the implementation?

Non-repudiated email for everybody to everybody - with some nice ""workflow"" addons.


pierre, 2004-09-06

I used Thunderbird (0.7) and Domino/IMAP (Version 6.5.1) for a while and had no such problems (except useablility issues described here). It therefore seams not to be a general problem with Domino/IMAP but must have to do with you special configuration.

Wolfgang, 2004-09-06

I have looked at dictionary and don't understand the term non-repudiated email... Care to enlighten me?

We are working on "p2p email" (with some nice add ons). Maybe that's something along what you are thinking off.

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2004-09-06

Ouch! I have the same problem with Mozilla Thunderbird 0.7.3 and Postfix runing with Courier IMAPD. Today I was so anoyed with this problem, that I downloaded and installed the nightly build of Thunderbird v0.8 and the problems are gone ;)

Maybe v0.8 fixes that problem for you as well? You can download it at



Stevan Bajic, 2004-09-06

Just tested with version 0.8 (20040908). Still having the same problem.

Volker Weber, 2004-09-09

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