Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

by Volker Weber


This is one interesting movie. I never knew that Jim Carrey can be a serious actor. The trailer is kind of a spoiler, since it sets the story in a way the movie doesn't. Without it you need about half an hour to understand what is going on.

The music in this trailer rings quite a few memories: Jeff Lynne's composition Mr. Blue Sky, released on the 1978 Electric Light Orchestra album Out Of The Blue.


I liked the movie also a lot, but the trailer is really completely different from the film. Really, after watching the trailer I thought the movie will be a funny comedy, while it is really completely different. Also Mr. Blue Sky is not used in the movie, just in the trailer.

A WMV High Definition trailer (145 MB) is available for download at

Adalbert, 2004-09-06

Oh yeah, I liked this movie and I had the same opinion about Jim Carreys skills in real acting. He does a very good job in this movie and I like it for another reason: Just when I thought "Oh, now I understand the plot..." things went on totally different and surprised me again.

Henning, 2004-09-07

I think this is one of the best movies of the year...of course I am partial to the screenwriter, Charlie Kauffman, who also wrote Being John Malkovitch and Adaptation. That should 'splain a lot if you've ever seen those movies.

Not your slappy comedy at all. I was also pleasantly surprised by Kate Winslets performance.

Top Dog, 2004-09-08

The perfomance of the actors in this film is great. And if you enjoyed this film as much as I did you should have a look at the mind behind this film: Charlie Kaufmann, the screenwriter.

I can recommend his other films as well: "Adaptation" with Nicholas Cage and "Being John Malkovich". (The two that I have seen).

All three revolve around the questions of identity and the purpose of life. All three are intelligent, funny and surprising variations in the exploration of theese questions.

Leonardo, 2004-09-09

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