Tremendous growth

by Volker Weber

Half a year ago I wrote: has grown onehundredfold over the course of the last three years. This is unbelievable. Every time I thought we hit a ceiling there were more people coming in. Ten thousand page impressions a week, thirty, fifty, seventyfive. It boggles my mind to think where this path may lead us.

Well, last week you broke the 100,000 barrier.

Thanks for coming back, thanks to my co-editors and all commentators. This is a tremendous and joyful ride.


Congratulations ! Danke an Dich ! :-)

Alex Schäfer, 2004-09-08

Congratulations from me too. Und vielen Dank für dein intensives Engagement, uns
"nicht IT lern " Wege aufzuzeigen, das Internet effektiv und interessant zu nutzen.

Hans - Werner Mattis

Hans-Werner Mattis, 2004-09-08

Congratulations! Go on please.

Frank, 2004-09-08

Congrats Volker - keep the excellent content coming!

Steve Castledine, 2004-09-08

Congratulations Volker! Still my favourite site by far :o)

Ben Poole, 2004-09-08

Congrats - I appreciate the eclectic mix of posts. Mac news without the heise-discussions, funny stuff that I can smile about and use for useless ;-) fowards to friends, information on Lotus Notes that I don't understand but try to memorize for showing off, and the other oddities of daily life we all run across from time to time.

Joerg Richter, 2004-09-08

Hier ist das Internet wenigstens noch ein schöner Ort. Der Mix macht's. Blogs mit "Wohlfühlfaktor" sind (leider) die Ausnahme, was die Besucherzahlen ja offensichtlich belegen.


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-09-09

Dazu kann man Dir nur gratulieren. Die Seite hat ohne Zweifel eine hohen "Wohlfühlfaktor".
Ein wenig mehr IT-Lastigkeit könnte -imho- allerdings nicht schaden - früher war hat doch alles besser ;-)

Olaf Boerner, 2004-09-09

Your credit and hit-count is very well deserved Volker. Excellent content.

Paul Mooney, 2004-09-11

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