Replacing the battery in a Vespa dashboard clock

by Volker Weber

I think it takes an Italian engineer to design an instrument panel with a digital watch requiring a battery to be replaced every two years by taking off the instrument panel, which in turn requires you to remove the rear view mirrors, the headlight and pretty much else at the front.

While I was that far, I removed all the inner parts of the body to remove things that the Italian mechanic had left inside the chassis. I found two washers and one access screw. However there were two other screws missing. So I drove to the Vespa dealer, who charged me 1.02 Euro, plus VAT bringing the whole price to 1.18. I made sure he had properly entered the amount in the register and then left him with an excess 2 cents. Oh, dear.


Agree. My Italian scooter requires a complete dissasembly of the handle bar cover in order to read the brake fluid's level reliably.

Joerg Richter, 2004-09-08

Well, you are lucky!
can you immagine if it where a French vehicle?

Most surely you had to remove the engine as well...

Pieterjan, 2004-09-10

My clock on the Vespa has just packed up and seeing these comments i'm stunned at how complicated it is to fix it!

Does anyone know
A) what type of battery i need to purchase?
B) where do i start i getting the front casing off?


Gavin Conway , 2006-10-12

As for the A) question, the battery type is LR43, which are around ¢1 for 10 of them at eBay. My mechanic showed it to me yesterday from an old Vespa dashboard, but he didn't have the time to replace mine. I was also stunned to know that you have to remove the whole dashboard, handlebar and front light just to change this little bugger. Guess it's just because they want us to expend money.

For B), Im afraid I have no answer. Wish I had it. The clock on my second hand Vespa just died after 1 month of purchasing it from another guy and I havent put a new battery yet.

Anyways, my mechanic says it's dead easy. Easy for him, I guess.

If anyone knows the answer for B), please post.

Ricardo Cortes., 2006-10-18

You have to remove the little blue Vespa plate on the front shield. Remove the screw and the cascade. Then you can remove the Dashboard.

Volker Weber, 2006-10-18

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