What are these people holding?

by Volker Weber



They are holding the unequaled Newton 2000. Sometimes if I'm in a sentimental mood I pick up my old Newton, give him some batteries and dream what a Newton with today technology would be look like. Good old times :-)

Sven Semel, 2004-09-08

Another piece of hardware that refuses to die; the Newton.

Ken Porter, 2004-09-09

The picture reminds me of a power outage (blown fuse) where I used my 2k1 to illuminate the fuse box and changed a 63amps slow-blow (with breaker).
21st century flashlight - with style ;-)
I did much of my email with it, had nearly 100% of my notekeeping on it, a complete address book and calendar. Shared my calendar via a buit-in web server while in the office. Powerful little thing.

Unfortunately, the 2100 boards do not refuse to die. Sad thing, though. In memory of my green friend, now that he's dead and Apple refuses to repair him...

I do not want another PDA. Steve sucked by killing the Newton. All recent PDAs I could get my hands on suck. They're all crap, too small display, no PCMCIA, no battery life and/or no decent handwriting recognition. All major manufacturers degrade their potentially useful and powerful tools to mere toys - be it WinCE or other awkward ideas. The Newton v2.0 has yet to come.

Yeah, catched my bad day.

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-09-09

I still have my Psion 5mx - it's been a while since I powered it up, but it's a great piece of technology, the keyboard is just great - I just wish that the screen was more readable.

Alex, 2004-09-09

I have still an old Newton (before version 2000). If someone has an idea where I could get rechargable batteries fitting into my old Newton this would make my day -- just for historic reasons.

Daniel Nashed, 2004-09-11

The models before Newton 2000 were powered by alkaline batteries or NiMH/NiCad cells. There is a simple pin connected to a switch in the battery chamber. If you insert standard Mignon ("AA"?) size NiMH or NiCad cells, you got to make sure that the little button is pressed. Apple accomplished this by simply putting the rechargeable battery pack in shrink wrap (so it presses the little pin down, as opposed to alkaline batteries which would not touch the pin).

YMMV, you did not tell the exact model.


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-09-14

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