Tungsten World Clock on Treo

by Volker Weber


I have discussed this world clock a number of times. Short summary: The Tungsten has it, the Treo doesn't. And I do not like any of the other solutions.

The answer to the question was too easy. Transfer it from the Tungsten to the Treo. Both run on 5.21, so it should run. However, the clock is in the ROM, so you can't beam it from the OS. FileZ to the rescue. Switch on display of ROM files, transfer four files (the clock, the locations database and the language support files for both) to the Treo. Bingo.

Only one complaint: The alarm clock does not work as expected as the keyguard seems to mute it.

While I was at it, I also moved Note Pad over. The Treo has Memo Pad, which I prefer for notes, but Note Pad is sometimes handy when you need to make a quick "drawing".


Instead of NotePad, I use DiddleBug which works really nice and is licensed under GNU GPL.


Detlev Buschkamp, 2004-09-11

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