Skype updates Mac beta

by Volker Weber

New release

feature: you can set your birthday in your profile
change: enabled red close button in main window
change: Skype recognizes SkypeOut numbers in different formats a la (+44-55-66-77)
bugfix: auto-login should be much more stable now
bugfix: "Text" was displayed on My Skype tab, when user logged in
bugfix: proper handling of simultaneous calls (you are calling to the person who calls you)
bugfix: drawer refreshed properly in case of multiple calls
bugfix: contact view icon updated after blocking an user
bugfix: after changing your password, it will be updated in keychain as well

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A quick call to the echo test service shows that voice quality hasn't improved to 'acceptable' yet for me. Is anyone getting voice quality equivalent to iChat AV yet (using the Mac client)?

David Richardson, 2004-09-13

I usually can't complain about the voice quality, but can't compare to iChat AV (haven't used iChat for a while).

Moritz, 2004-09-13

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