Helmet with Bluetooth headset

by Volker Weber

Bikes in the Fast Lane reports:

Momo_Fighter_Helmet.jpgMomodesign, the Italian manufacturers of the stylish motorcycle MOMO helmets, and Motorola, one of world's leading communications' manufacturers have announced today the production of the popular Momo Fighter helmet equipped with Motorola's HS810 Bluetooth communication product.

What this means, is that you will be able to purchase, as of the 1st Quarter of 2005, a Momodesign helmet that allows you to communicate with any Bluetooth equipped mobile phone, so not only Motorola's, but any.

I like. ;-)


Very stylish. And especially intersting to me since I'll have to buy a new helmet, I guess. A picture of my old one could bee seen in Aschaffenburg's local newspaper. No, it's not the classifieds section but an ad the police placed. The helmet has been used in the robbery of a jeweler. As well as my motorscooter. Both have been stolen a week ago in Frankfurt. I'd recommend to all scooter drivers using an additional lock when parking your vehicle. Mine was securely locked away in the helmet compartment since I didn't expect anything to happen to my scooter in the city's center at 11 am.

Joerg Richter, 2004-09-18

Hi. I am very interested to purchase the momodesign helmet with motorala's bluetooh head set. At this site it says it will be available for order by 1st quarter of 2005, can someone please tell me where i can buy it from? because I tried momodesign.com with no luck. Many thanks.

nouf al bannai, 2005-08-30

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