by Volker Weber

Guide your cursor to the goal. The movement of your cursor has been reversed.

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[Thanks, Stephan]


Reminds me on my first PC. Nobody told me how handle the mouse, so I used it backwards for more than two months. I needed more than 5 months, to work with the mouse in the right direction. But at least it helps with this game. Just turn your mouse around ;-)

Markus Thielmann, 2004-09-16

Surprising how bloody hard it can be to move in a semi-straight line using a touchpad ... up and down isn't that much of a problem (playing flight sims hours on end finally pays off :-) but going left and right without going up or down is proving to be quite difficult ...

If you like it, you can have it with every game - just turn your mouse upside down.
This makes the mentionend game much easier :-)

Thomas, 2004-09-16

bei Level 12 war es mir dann genug.
Zocker, welche immer invertiert spielen sind da bestimmt gut.

Martin, 2004-09-16

Sometimes I wonder who has the time to play those games (and obviously a lot of people do since they are quite successful). But then again I switch to wondering who has all the time to WRITE those games...

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-09-16

P.S.: And then I give up the wondering and continue to play ;-)

Ragnar Schierholz, 2004-09-16

Aktuell bei Level 18 mit Biss-Spuren auf Maus und Tastatur...

@Thomas: Cheater!!! ;)

@Ragnar: who has the time? Admins like me ;)

Daniel Seiler, 2004-09-16

Ja, ja, in St. Gallen müsste man arbeiten ... ;-)

Stefan Smolnik, 2004-09-16

Finished it, but it's amazing how my mouse hand feels cramped now. There's something about putting that much effort into thinking about doing everything backwards.

I think their collision detection is a wee bit off at times though, and also you can find this extremely easy or extremely hard depending on the sensitivity and accuracy of your mouse :)

Merauder, 2004-09-17

Cheers Vowe, just lost me the first hour of my day! ;)

Aidan Cooper, 2004-09-17

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