by Volker Weber

Webdesigner: Wie findste se?
Suchmaschinen-Robot: Was jetzt genau?
Webdesigner: Meine Seiten.
Suchmaschinen-Robot: Nicht.
Webdesigner: Ja wie: "Nicht"?!
Suchmaschinen-Robot: Ich finde nix.

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Supergut! Und bis zum Ende lesenswert... Und die Site insgesamt auch...

Schweppes, 2004-09-22

Herrlich! Erinnert mich an manche Supportgespräche bei uns...

Daniel Seiler, 2004-09-22

Wow, for us poor non-German-speaking readers, this obviously loses something in the translation...

Web designer: How did SE findste?
Suchmaschinen Robot: What now exactly?
Web designer: My sides.
Suchmaschinen Robot: Not.
Web designer: How: "Nicht"?!
Suchmaschinen Robot: I find nix.

[thanks, Babelfish]

Jeff, 2004-09-22

Yes, I am sorry. This text will not work for non-german speaking readers.

Volker Weber, 2004-09-22

Webdesigner: How did ye find them? (which in German can have two meanings: to find and to like, it's a play with words)

Search Engine Robot: What exactly?

Webdesigner: My pages.

Search Engine Robot: Not. (as in: "I didn't find them" as well as "I didn't like them")

Webdesigner: What do you mean, "not"?

Search Engine Robot: I don't find anything

The text then goes on in a similar vain, the webdesigner continues to ask how do you find/like my pages. The Search Engine Robot continues to say he can't find/like anything, because the site uses JavaScript for links (which robots can't interpret/follow), uses Frames (which robots don't like), has text in images (which robots can't read, in particular if the ALT text is missing) and uses Flash (which robots can't read either).

The result is that nothing of the Webdesigners fantastic, cool and fashionable site is indexed by the search engine. Towards the end a broken Webdesigner leaves the pub where the conversation takes place.

That's about it.

Armin, 2004-09-22

Hrhr ;)

Wobei sich mir die Frage stellt, in wie weit es Absicht ist, das der Robot 'Alt' trinkt. Man könnte das durchaus auch als Aufruf zum Umdenken verstehen.

So oder so, es gefällt mir von beiden Seiten ;)

Sascha, 2004-09-23

Thanks for the writeup, Armin :) It's pretty funny, although yes it does still lose something in translation.

English speakers do also something use "find" to mean "like", as in "I found that story very interesting". Although it's rarely used in question form: "How did you find the story?"

And don't worry, I don't expect to have everything on this site translated for me. Most times I'll just smile and nod at the German posts, like a typical American tourist :)

Jeff, 2004-09-23

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