What is new in TomTom Navigator 4.12 for palmOne?

by Volker Weber

Taken from the TomTom suppport site:

The Guam, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Alaska and Canada maps are unlocked and can be now used by owners of the USA maps for TomTom Navigator for palmOne.

Automatically tries to connect to the Holux GPS device when “Other GPS” is selected.

A much faster and therefore improved GPS discovery.

I am particularly interested in the last fix because I never leave the Tungsten in the car. But every time I want to reconnect to the BT GPS receiver, I have had great difficulties that could easily be resolved with a soft reset. This issue seems to be gone with the 4.12 release as far as early tests indicate.


Update: This looks like wishful thinking on my part. While preparing to take this picture I had this exact same problem again. I had to stop TomTom and load the ZGrab. When I reloaded TomTom, it would not connect to the receiver. There is a lesson to learn here: Bluetooth may look interesting but a plain old cable is always better. And you have to hook up everything anyway since all of these devices need power. How often are they fully charge and will operate longer than you need them? Not very likely, according to Murphy's Law.


There, I said it: bluetooth sucks. For more than one reason. Question is - when will there be improvement - the idea is great, the problem is in the execution, as often.

Frank Koehntopp, 2004-09-28

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