Please disregard the occasional comment spam

by Volker Weber


Without Jay's MT-Blacklist the site would be flooded with this crap all day long. And since I do not have a cron task on my server, Stefan pings mine four times a day to update the blacklist. Occasionally you will see a piece of comment spam showing up but MT-Blacklist will remove it with two clicks.

While most of the comment spam originates from IP addresses in China and South America, I am increasingly seeing spam messages coming in from highjacked Windows machines all over the world.

In related news Microsoft has announced last week it will not provide the security fixes delivered in XP SP2 to Windows 2000.


I recently upgraded to MT 3.1, including MT-BL 2.0, and I have to say that the spam comment handling alone justifies the expense for me. Maybe you should reconsider staying with 2.661 ...

Stefan Tilkov, 2004-09-27

A migration to 3.1 currently not one of my options. I try to minimize code changes.
If I migrate the site, I would rather go to a GPL'ed CMS. That will make sudden strategy changes as with 6A less likely.

Volker Weber, 2004-09-27

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