How much better is a highres smartphone?

by Volker Weber

With updates for the Treo and the Tungsten in the pipe, one has to wonder how much better a higher resolution screen will be for the Treo. Let's compare a 320x320 screen to a 160x160:

320names.png 160names.png

This comparison is stunning, but does not do the current Treo real justice. The pixels are much larger than you see above, so the difference looks rather like this:

320names.png 160names320.png

My early conclusion would be that the higher resolution is nice, albeit not really necessary. However that changes if you want to venture outside the classic PIM applications. Take a look at those four screens:

320sol.png 160sol.png

320tomtom.png 160tomtom.png

The color palette in the smaller TomTom image is off and I did not want to take the time to correct it. But you can still see how much more useful the higher resolution is, if you need to show something else than text. So it depends very much on your usage pattern how much more useful a higher resolution Treo 650 will be than a lowres Treo 600. If you "just" do PIM plus phone, then the 600 is just fine and you will most likely save a lot of money by going for the lowres device. I would however benefit tremendously from the higher resolution if it only were for TomTom Navigator alone. Plus I would need the BT stack anyway ...


If there would be a decent font, thus implying a real font renderer, the resolution increase would make sense.

Judging from the pictures you show above, it seems pretty useless to me.


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-09-29

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