to give away 2,016 iPods

by Ken Porter and Apple Canada are going to give away one 20GB iPod every hour starting October 3rd for 84 days straight. Only Canadian residents can enter, and all the regular conditions apply. One interesting twist is that all entries are thrown out after each hourly draw. So if your up at 3am on the 26th day, it might be a good time to enter.



From Pepsi's "Rules and Regulations"

"[...] In order to win any prize, potential winners will be required to correctly answer an online, time-limited, mathematical skill-testing question without assistance of any kind whether mechanical or otherwise. [...]"

and §14:
"If a potential winner [...], fails to correctly answer a mathematical skill-testing question or [...], the prize will be forfeited. [...]"

What's this for? Is that a custom in these lotteries?

And who counts as resident of Canada? Anyone with an address in Ca? I don't have but I know some (german) guys living in T.O. at the moment :)

Henning, 2004-09-30

Damn. No dream date with Robbie Williams for me, because I'm not a UK resident, no ipod to listen to Robbie, because I'm not Canadian. Life's just not fair.
All German residents ever get to win are 500 Euro if they're willing to undress and throw their TV off a high building during some weird radio show. I gotta move.

Lyssa, 2004-09-30


"Skill Testing Questions" are customary in Canada. Almost all contests run by companies in Canada, seem to have a skill testing question attached to them. In almost all cases they are brain dead simple; something like (3 x 4 ) -2.

I don't know why this is; it seems kind of silly. I was once told it was some old tax law that required people to "earn the reward", but I don't know how true that is.

Ken Porter, 2004-09-30

Too bad we still don't have a iTunes Music Store... Welcome to Apple's view of Canada.

Pascal Robert, 2004-09-30

@Ken: Thanks for the explanation. But what the hell is the result of (3 x 4) - 2? :)

@Lyssa: I will throw my TV out of the window for way less than 500,- because I'm really bored by the german TV programm (at least I was, when I last watched it). But undress? Which radio show is that? Let me guess: Berlin local broadcast station...


Henning, 2004-09-30

Ken, that goes back to the days when lotteries were illegal -- as long as there was a "skill-testing question" attached, they can still get away with calling it a "contest". It's a bit of a hold-over now, but it means they don't have to go through the lottery licensing process.

Stan Rogers, 2004-09-30

They had this promotion in Australia earlier in the year. I assume this is the same - get a Pepsi with a code, SMS it in to go into the draw for that hour. I think I only ended up buying one bottle since I don't normally drink pepsi, and I actually set my alarm for 3am to send it in. No luck though :)

Marc, 2004-10-01

@Henning: Hamburg local radio station. But I don't think there's a big difference.

Lyssa, 2004-10-01

@Marc: Yes, the Canadian Pepsi contest involves SMS messages as well as the website liked above. I first found out about this contest because of a bottle of Diet Pepsi I bought; it has a code on the label you need to enter the draw. The cool thing, and perhaps this is also a quirk of Canadian contests, you don't actually need the code to enter. There is a "No Purchase Required" way of filling out a form, and they will e-mail you a code to enter the draw.

Ken Porter, 2004-10-01

@Henning: In Berlin we have at a local radio station the so called "Handy Kamikaze". the give you money if you destroy your mobile phone in a very creativ way - while everybody is listening.

Alexander Kluge, 2004-10-01

I love the idea and would like to win one to go towards our spring fair.
I love pepsi and refuse alternatives. I am excited about the pepsi edge and herd about it on apprentice. I love the bottle they designed as well. So bring it on Pepsi.

Karin Harrison, 2004-11-26

I am truely frustrated now as no-matter what I do , I can not enrer the pepsi/ipod contest. Just for this last two weeks of frustration Pepsi should send me an ipod. As far as I can see they really don't want me to enter the contest. I'e done everything that they said to do and I phoned the number on the lable. I did what they said as well and it still is bull.This contest just seems to be a scam. I even tried down loading #7accelerater from the site and even that doesn't work. I can not seem to reach a live human being or even reach them on their site, therefore I am telling you. Maybe you can do something about the problem. I really would like an ipod but can not afford to purchase one therefore that is why I tried to enter the contest. Maybe you could arrange for me to receive one. Thank-you . G.C.

Gail Clark, 2004-12-23

i wanna play

Zach Sandford, 2005-02-07

I wanna play (contest).

Jack Cooper, 2005-03-19

i've been drinking pepst for alot of years and still do till this day i wouldn't mind winning something after all the money i have spent over the years.

judith stevens, 2006-03-23

Ive enjoyed diet pepsi since I've tryed it have never drink anything
else. Good job guys would ;ike to get any promion's you have or join any contest you have please send me any information you may have to join. My mailing address is 301-24, Bourke, St Smiths Falls Ont K7A-3L9 [613]284-5210 Thank You for your time Leo Minnie

Leo Minnie, 2006-04-15

lacher pas vous faite un excellent travail...

mike bernier, 2007-07-27

i would like one of your i pods cause i cut my finger on the cap a couple of days ago and now its it scared for life im not very happy with ya guys

angela hepditch, 2007-09-25

I have been drinking pepsi since god knows when and I'm now 53 Yrs old woman and have 8 grandchildren and still a number 1 pepsi lover.
nothing but the best!

Dina Rejano, 2007-11-29

What else is there?Pepsi,Pepsi,rah,rah,rah.Welcome to our Olympics!!!!!

Linda Smitten, 2009-09-27


Julius Scott, 2009-11-08

how do u enter this contest on octoaber to get the free i pod

brandon clarke, 2011-07-29

Simple. Travel back in time and make sure to arrive in Canada. ;-)

Jan Lauer, 2011-07-30

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