Tungsten T5 officially announced

by Volker Weber


We briefly mentioned it last week, and it happened today. There is a new handheld out from palmOne.

The Tungsten T5 is a T3, sans slider, with 256 MB of flash memory. That is the biggest news. Flash will hold the data even if the battery runs out. If you read the fine print you will see that this translates to 215MB of actual storage capacity, 160MB internal flash drive plus 55MB program memory for applications and data.

palmOne provides a file manager for the flash drive on the handheld and a transfer application for the PC. Have not checked yet how that works with a Mac. You can however turn the T5 into an expensive memory key and access that from the computer as a normal drive.

With its gun metal color the T5 resembles the successful Palm V. It will appeal to people who never liked the slider design. PalmOne could have done better though than just cloning the Tungsten E.

Biggest disappointment: No WLAN.

Update: File transfer is Windows-only. The machine has no built-in microphone, so it cannot double as a voice recorder. Bummer. It uses a new multiconnector, so your existing T3 accessories won't work.

So far I am not excited.


So, do you think you're going to dump your T3?

Christian Bogen, 2004-10-04

Why the hell is Palm changing the connector again?

Joerg Richter, 2004-10-04

I'll be more excited when I see the successor to my Tungsten C.

Mike L., 2004-10-04

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