La Linea

by Volker Weber


I love this guy. Here is another one. I have seen them at the movies or on TV but I have never learned who draws them, in what language the little guy swears. Anyone care to fill us in?



Drawer: Osvaldo Cavandoli, Italian (so may be also the language). Thanks also to Google. To buy i.e.

Andreas Pfeifle, 2004-10-04

You can't understand it - that's why it does work in so many languages :o))

La Linea DVD Vol. 1:
(with explanations about the comic character)

La Linea DVD Vol. 2:
La Linea DVD Vol. 3:

Nicole Simon, 2004-10-04

btw. more about the author (german):,1518,308941,00.html

Andreas Pfeifle, 2004-10-04

I am amazed. In a matter of minutes you explained it all. Wow.

From the Spiegel Online piece here is a third video (Real Media).

Volker Weber, 2004-10-04

I remember seeing those on TV (in the U.S.) Now I'm baffled as to what TV show they were associated with. Anyone?

Jeff, 2004-10-04

You can see La Linea on Frankfurt subway stations (e.g. Hauptwache/Konstablerwache) U6/U7 day in and day out ;-)

Stefan Funke, 2004-10-05

Used to watch it in the Paris Metro, several years ago.
There was also a special on one of the "3rd Channels" on German Television say, 2, 3, 4 years ago. A documentation featuring the two "old farts" in the minimalistic comic business in their studio. They happen to be still releasing new episodes.

Laaa-lala-la-laaala ;-)


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2004-10-05

I used to love watching him on some kids program but I can't remember which one. Nickelodeon's "You Can't Do That On Television" maybe?

Mike, 2004-10-05

I want to say either "Sesame Street" or "Electric Company" on PBS here in the U.S.

The Lion King, 2004-10-06

Hi, the language of Mr. Linea is a nearly incomprehensible mix of italian, italian dialect and and strange noises ...

Silvia, 2004-11-26

To add more to this, the program that this cartoon was associated in the US was "The Great Space Coaster", which was seen mostly in syndication in a number of markets. I don't think this cartoon was seen outside it in any other form, and might only covered about a fraction of the cartoon, as there has been about a hundred of these films produced over a period of a decade between 1974-84.

Here's a webpage for "The Great Space Coaster" that brings up La Linea in several places.

Chris Sobieniak, 2005-01-04

Does anyone know if there is someone who can still make these cartoons. We want to use the La Linea concept for our website. And even more important is there some sort of Copyright.

Please let me know.


Matthew Vinkesteyn, 2005-06-01

A company in Italy that currently owns the licensing rights to La Linea is Quipos s.r.l. You might want to give them a message first before doing such a webpage...

Chris Sobieniak, 2005-06-07

Wow! Thank you so much for having La Linea cartoons. I love that crazy little chalk guy. I've been looking all over for these.

Renee Gilbert, 2005-06-27

HAH ! where can i download la linea episodes :'( ?

Arber Salihu, 2006-01-04

this cartoon was hilarious, my favorite growing up in Germany. Funny thing is, I just wrote a post about La Linea on my blog before googling around a little to find this site here. AND WHOO-HOO, lookey here: we have an mpeg I can download. Muchas Gracias, amigos, I was desperately looking for it.

Wolfy Becker, 2006-01-23

Hi. i was a really big was of this cartoon:)...will i be able to download a few of these cartoons from some where PLEASE??
Kumashen Moodley

kumashen moodley, 2006-01-26

what Asterix is among cartoons - is La Linea on short tv-films: no matter where you're from, everybody understands THIS guy's Italian. don't you think he's a little bit like Donald Duck?

i'd still prefer the grumpier italian guy tho...:)

groeten uit holland, benny.

benny snepvangers, 2006-01-29

I loved watching La Linea as a kid on The Great Space Coaster back in the mid 1980's! I remember the background music well. It used to go Ba, ba,ba, ba, du, ba, ba, ba, du! La Linea as a chalk drawing used to scream many gibberish things in Italian while a hand used to draw obstacles for him to get past.Obstacles that were like chalk lines and an even an bicycle! Roy used to show La Linea Italian animation pieces to Puppet Goriddle Gorilla on his synthesizer.Does anyone remember Frannie, the very pretty 16 year old brunette singer/guitar player/female lead of The Great Space Coaster? She was played by the very talented Singer/Actress Emily Bindiger.Please sign the bring back the great space coaster online petition @ www. because it now has 2,013 signatures.The Great Space Coaster Homepage @ www. great space has recently been updated for 2006 with new video clips and pictures of the cast. Frannie used to play many practical jokes on Puppet Goriddle Gorilla. Lets get this classic 1980's live action/ puppet children's t.v. show back into rerun syndication for another generation to enjoy!

Greg Casiglia, 2006-04-05

"la linea" is a great and simple constructed collection of well-made cartoons. not to long, not too short, absolutely unique and understandable for everybody.
the costs in comparison to effect and quality, "la linea" is one of the greatest ideas in entertainment during the last 40 years.
and why? because it's so lovely human...

Uwe Gillißen, 2006-04-21

Just in case you missed it:

Sascha Carlin, 2006-04-22

These seem to be older ones. The language used in those is at least partly Italian.

Sascha Carlin, 2006-04-22

Mehhhhh I guess you know by now who draws the little man.
I was just looking for a spot to get him on a t-shirt.

Pura vida la linea :)

Geneviève Dagenais, 2006-06-06

Ehrensenf today provided a link to TV5 where you can find over 50 episodes.

Oliver Regelmann, 2006-06-09

I remember this little guy from my childhood in the '70s. In Australia, I seem to remember that the episodes where used as "filler" between programmes on the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Commission) - there were no ads, so the ABC needed short programmes to make up the difference. I always loved the music, very hip for the time.

The soundtrack (and I think the videos) have been released in the past year or so. You can get them all from crippled dick hot wax (no, I'm not kidding - they're a German distributor I think) here:

Michael Straughan, 2006-06-23

"La Linea" has been created by Osvaldo Cavandoli (an Italian cartoonist) which is now 80 and has recently been rewarded for it at the Fomoon cartoon exibition in France.
Originally, in the late sixties, La Linea was used on TV to advertise a famous Italian pan maker. It then became very popular in Italy, so Cavandoli decided to make short films of it, but unfortunately the Italian state television (RAI) refused to broadcast them because of their connection with a market product.

This made La Linea to move abroad where it reached the success we all know.

I just remember when as a kid I used to watch and enjoy those short films with my dad till the ad was cancelled...
Now I'm glad that a lot of it can be found on the Web and I'm grateful to those who create websites like this one.

Daniele Taverna

Daniele Taverna, 2006-06-28

Download and have fun!
It's really the best cartoon I have EVER seen!

Savu Alexandra, 2006-06-30

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