Jabber protocols are now published by IETF as RFCs

by Volker Weber

iChatAV 3.0 is rumored to support these protocols. IBM, you are all for standards, aren't you. How about implementing those in Sametime and WP?


I imagine the answer to that is WP IM is 100% SIP/SIMPLE based, and Jabber offers a XMPP - SIP/SIMPLE gateway.

carl, 2004-10-05

carl, not quite. ;)
Samtime has ist own protocol, at least that's what I learnd at Lotussphere 04, which is a superset of SIP (Whiteboard, ...). So first you need a Sametime-SIP Gateway to then access the SIP-XMPP Gateway.
Talking about middleware ;)

that's sametime not the new workplace IM. So you are right, but not response to my comments ;-)

carl, 2004-10-06

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