TomTom Palm now compatible with 3rd party POI overlays

by Volker Weber

TomTom has released an update which brings the Palm Navigator to version 4.4.

The most interesting feature is the ability to manage your own POIs and POI categories. You can plug in a POI category from other TomTom users (including from TomTom PocketPC/Palm users). Combine this with the option to get a warning when you are close to a POI. The warning will be given based on the specified POI category, distance and sound. Think speedtrap:



I have p990i i found from pisloc that they have arabic software which is not available here in Kuwait so I download it and uploaded it to the mobile after inestaltiob over it asked me to restart the mobile when i did it stayed restarting over and over by it self without stop i formated the memory stick in my computer it keep restarting as you know here in kuwait we have a bad dealer for sonyericsson and great sevice they told me we cant help you . so my 1 day old mobile its trashed :( so please if any one have a sulotion to format the mobile which is the phone memory like nokia which i think when the phone is off you press * C and on button togather or, any other sulotion please help thank you.

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Khaled Najaf, 2006-09-18

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