by Volker Weber

All over America, mothers who raise their kids to work hard, play nice, and be honest are still supporting a candidate who embodies none of these values. Misled by manipulative ads and turned off by negative campaigning, many folks prefer to assume the best about George W. Bush – that he’s a good man trying to do a good job. Convincing them that the nice guy in the plaid shirt clearing brush on his ranch is actually a front for a political machine determined to hold on to power and privilege at the expense of the American people is not going to be easy, but we're here to help.

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That's fantastic. My fiancee is the poster child for this situation. She's tearing her hair out trying to knock some sense into her mother, who only sees Bush as a regular, hard-workin' fella just tryin' his gosh darned best to keep the American dream alive.

Jeff, 2004-10-05

That is a great site. I need help convincing my mom not to vote for Nader. I think this is a more difficult task. I told her Norman Mailer's view of Nader having good intentions, but the changes Nader wants are too drastic in a short amount of time. Mom is still not convinced, I love that stubborn woman.

Josh Humphrey, 2004-10-06

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