GMail receives a big update

by Volker Weber

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... a "little" hidden feature seems to be the atom feed of your gmail inbox... - it works with netnewswire, put in username and password and you have your inbox as a feed, cool!

Andreas Jakopec, 2004-10-06

Es gibt auch neues bei google insgesamt:

Henrik Heigl, 2004-10-06

Scary thing about this, my old Gmail notifier seems to have updated itself automatically (I've been using it for a few weeks). I don't remember getting prompted to update the software, but yesterday I noticed that the icon in the system tray was different.

Then again, maybe I clicked the "OK" button on an update dialog in a drunken stupor... stranger things have happened. I just hate when software updates itself without asking.

- Julian

Julian Robichaux, 2004-10-06

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