by Volker Weber

During last night's vice presidential debate, Dick Cheney advised viewers interested in his version of the facts about Halliburton to visit Evidently, he meant to direct them to factcheck dot ORG, but mis-spoke. Factcheck dot COM redirects you to which contains arguments on "why we must not re-elect President George Bush." Whups. :)
[via boingboing]


Sounds like the natural karmic balance in the universe is still working quite well.

Didn't S. Freude suggest that there were know such things as accidents?


Andrew Pollack, 2004-10-06

Cheney is an evil doer.

Bruce Elgort, 2004-10-06

Someone took advantage of this misstep after the debate had ended. During the debate was a plain ol' linkfarm.

Mike L., 2004-10-06

worth reading in this context: "Rewriting History"

Wolfgang, 2004-10-07

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