"W" stands for "Wired"?

by Ken Porter

A bulge in the back of President George W Bush's suit jacket during the first TV debate with John Kerry has triggered rumours that he was wired to get help.

It does look like something is under his jacket, but it is hard to believe he had help considering his performance in the first debate.

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You can hear the remote control here.

Volker Weber, 2004-10-10

At least the Bush android didn't crash under heavy load and no reboot was neccessary.

Wolfgang Flamme, 2004-10-10

Something for those "Rules of Engagement" : search the president and candidates for eletronic devices.
Can anyone say 'rubber gloves' ?

Alex B, 2004-10-11


"Service Temporarily Unavailable"

hony soit qui mal y pense.

Volker Kächele, 2004-10-11

I don't understand why they are all spending so much time denying he has a wire in his clothes. They should be working on wiring him up for the last debate. He definitely need it!

Martijn, 2004-10-11

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