Messing up this world

by Volker Weber

This kind of news makes me angry:

VIENNA (Reuters) - The removal of Iraq's mothballed nuclear facilities took around one year and was carried out by experts with heavy machinery and demolition equipment, diplomats close to the U.N. said on Thursday. The U.N. nuclear watchdog, which monitored Saddam Hussein's nuclear sites before last year's Iraq war, informed the U.N. Security Council this week that equipment and materials that could be used to make atomic weapons have been vanishing from Iraq but neither Baghdad nor Washington had noticed.

Killing thousands of people, messing up a country without any mandate, suicide bombings that were unheard of before this war, proliferation of nuclear arsenal. What is next?


Bush is too busy keeping his eye on the oil there...

Well, if Bush wins in 20 days, we'll see what is next... unfortunately.

Tony S Lee, 2004-10-14

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